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RFC 4287






The Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) is based on HTTP and is used for publications and posting on Web resources. The Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) together with the Atom Syndication Format (ASF) provides interaction with content, especially at blogs and RSS. Atom has become a popular element of Web 2.0-style solutions. APP/ASF represent a data model, which is simpler than WebDAV model, and consists of elements and selection of elements (entries), but doesn’t include location of selections (hierarchy of selection).

The specification of metadata properties is given, which is necessary for content publication, but looks “clumsy” for description of the remaining content. Though APP is becoming more and more widespread interface for access to Web resources, it doesn’t have enough modeling capabilities for enterprise content management. This task must be carried out by CMIS, and APP should be used as one of protocols for delivering content.



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